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Our lettings service is delivered by an experienced team led by ARLA qualified managers. Your investment property is in safe hands

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Why Choose DAH?
The short answer is because we have the experience and professional expertise to manage your property.  The long answer is...
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Tips to help you let

Even in times where more and more people are looking to rent rather than buying a property, it is vital to make sure you do everything in your power ...

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Information for Tenants

Dee Atkinson & Harrison have a wide range of properties available for our prospective tenants. If you are searching for a property to rent try our...

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Switching Lettings Agency?
Switching to DA&H Lettings could be the best move you'll make! If you think it might be time to switch, contact us today...
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Meet our Lettings Team
Our dedicated Residential Lettings team have staff covering all three residential offices and handle the letting and ...
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Lettings News
Catch up with the latest news on the property lettings market, legislation changes and other information of interest to Landlords and Tenants...
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