Dee Atkinson & Harrison are an Independent Chartered Surveyor practice who are able to offer a wide range of Survey and Valuation Services on most types of Residential Property. Based in Driffield & Beverley, our experienced valuers and chartered surveyors are registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and work under a Code of Practice set down by this governing body which requires our services to be backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance. We carry policy cover of £5,000,000 with an approved underwriter.

1. Purchase Reports

Valuations - By a qualified Chartered Surveyor based in Driffield or Beverley

A short and basic report which will give a purchaser a brief list of any major defects found within a property based on a limited inspection, and confirm an opinion of Market Value. This level of inspection and report can be likened to that undertaken by a Bank or Building Society who are giving mortgage lending on a property and is NOT a survey.


Homebuyers Report

A RICS HomeBuyer Survey is an inexpensive way of giving a purchaser peace of mind when acquiring a property. This is a concise report suitable for conventionally constructed homes that appear, to the untrained eye, to be in reasonable condition. Provided in a fixed RICS format, our professional advice will help a buyer to:
  • Make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to go ahead with buying the property
  • Make an informed decision on what is a reasonable price to pay for the property
  • Take account of any repairs or replacements the property needs and
  • Consider what further advice you should take before exchanging contracts.

The report includes a Market Value and Value for Fire Insurance Reinstatement Purposes.

Fees are from £750 + VAT

Please contact either Adrian Harrison MRICS on 01482 866844 or Simon Dee MRICS on 01377 241919 to ask for a quote and to discuss the suitability of a Homebuyer Survey for your needs.

2. Professional Valuations

Involving a similar level of inspection and reporting to the Purchase Valuation Reports, we also provide valuations for:


Probate: a valuation is assessed as at the date of the death of the deceased and can be used for obtaining the grant of probate, calculation of any Inheritance Tax liability and agreement of matters between beneficiaries.


Matrimonial Purposes: an independent assessment of Market Value of a property either for an individual’s use in divorce proceedings or at the request of the solicitors or County Court on a joint basis. Our valuers are able to undertake these matrimonial valuations and provide reports compliant with Rule 35 of the CPR 1998. In most cases, we are jointly appointed by instructing solicitors (on behalf of each party) to provide an independent valuation report for the Courts


Taxation Purposes: Reports can be provided for Inheritance Tax planning, Deeds of Gift etc.

3. Insurance Valuations

Using up to date figures from the RICS Building Cost Information Service, which take into account all aspects of a property and its condition, variations in the costs of labour and materials within the UK, and inflation, we are able to provide a full Building Reinstatement value of a property for Insurance Purposes. It should be realised that the replacement value of many types of properties bears no relationship to their market value for sale purposes.

Fees will depend on the size of a property and its location but normally start at £120 inc. VAT.

We have years of experience of providing reinstatement cost assessments for insurance purposes, of buildings of all types and in conjunction with our expert valuers in our Fine Arts saleroom, we are also able to offer a comprehensive contents valuation service.

4. Energy Performance Certificates (EPC'S)

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) give information on how to make a home more energy efficient and reduce carbon monoxide emissions. All homes bought, sold or rented require an EPC. This documentation can be provided by our fully accredited Domestic Energy Assessor on any residential property.

Fees are normally £90 inc. VAT.

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