Even in times where more and more people are looking to rent rather than buying a property, it is vital to make sure you do everything in your power to make your property appealing to viewers.

Our marketing will hopefully make them want to see inside but we can't make them like the property! Every week that a property stands empty is money lost so the following tips are a useful guide as to what you should think about doing to make sure viewers are left with the right impression.

Top Tips To Help You Let Your Property Quickly

1. Keep on top of maintenance. A badly maintained property will leave viewers with the impression that you are an uncaring landlord and will be unlikely to deal with problems that might crop up in the course of the tenancy.

2. Kerb appeal is important in lettings too! Try to ensure that your property presents an appealing frontage to entice prospective tenants. This also encourages tenants to want to retain the pleasant appearance of your property whilst living there.

3. Make sure your property has an Energy Performance Certificate in place in time for marketing. This is now a legal requirement for all rented residential property and must be available for prospective tenants to view. Having this certificate ready will speed up the marketing process. Dee Atkinson & Harrison can provide this certificate if this is more convenient for clients.

4. ‘To Let’ boards are a valuable marketing tool. Where possible these should be erected in a prominent and visible location to maximise advertising and ensure people are aware that your property is available.

5. Try to make the interior of your property as neutrally decorated, clean and tidy as possible. Tenants are more inclined to apply for a property if it appears ready to move into.

6. Be realistic in your expected rental price and be open to negotiation for good quality tenants.

7. Remove any furniture, appliances or items which you do not intend to include in the tenancy. Viewers tend to be confused by whether the property will be let furnished or otherwise and clearing a property before viewings can help prospective tenants to see the size of rooms more easily.

8. In colder months, if possible, leave some form of heating on a timer as a cold atmosphere in a property can indicate to viewers that a property may be damp or difficult/expensive to heat.

9. Keeping friendly relations with neighbours can benefit both Landlord and tenant as some can assist in letting your property simply by being nice to viewers!

A more comprehensive guide to what is required to let your property and more information about our services are available in out Landlords Letting Guide

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