10 cost-effective hacks for keeping your property warm and cosy

10 cost-effective hacks for keeping your property warm and cosy

With much of the UK workforce now operating under lockdown again, it's estimated that we'll see a collective hike of almost £2 billion on our energy bills at home.*

Here are our top ten cost-effective hacks to keep you warm this winter:

Cover up bare flooring –  wooden floors can be notoriously cold, but thinner carpets can also be chilly. The addition of a thick, cosy rug can really make a difference to the warmth of the room, whilst adding a stylish touch.

Be smart about furniture placement – similarly to adding staple pieces such as a fluffy rug to a room, other larger pieces of furniture can make a huge difference, as can their placement in your home. Any furniture blocking a radiator should be rearranged to ensure that the heat can flow around the room more evenly, creating an overall warmer environment.

Use draft excluders
– these can be particularly useful if you are renting an older property. Place these in front of doors to keep the heat in. This will save you money on your energy bills as less heat will escape the property. They can also be matched to your current interior.

Let the sun in – on sunnier days this winter, open your curtains and let the sun warm up your home. Sunlight is not only great for naturally warming you up but also for your mental health and energy levels.

Keep the heating on low – this may sound bizarre, but having your heating on a constant low level during the day can lessen your energy bills. This prevents the periodical off-on that will cost you more in the long run. Similarly, this will avoid pipes bursting when the temperature drops below zero.
Heavy curtains – another way to keep the heat in this winter is to hang heavy curtains or blinds near your windows, as the fabric will absorb the draft that would otherwise be coming into your property.**

Keep doors closed – once your heating or fire is on and warming up your property, ensure you keep doors closed to keep the rooms you’re using nice and cosy, rather than letting heat escape into unused sections of the house.

Be selective
– any rooms that aren’t used regularly, such as guest bedrooms and bathrooms could be costing you extra money on energy bills. To avoid this, turn the radiators in these areas down, keeping them on low to avoid the pipes freezing. Similarly, areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms won’t need to be heated as much as your living room, so remember to take this into consideration.

Block your chimney – if you’re lucky enough to own or rent a property with a gorgeous chimney, these can be a huge culprit for making your home chilly. To avoid this, try purchasing a low-cost chimney balloon. These can be inflated inside the chimney – out of view – and will block cold air coming in, as well as preventing heat escaping.

Bundle up – it wouldn’t be a 'keeping warm in winter hacks' piece without mentioning layering! As clichéd and predictable as it is, wearing a jumper, dressing gown or a fluffy pair of socks is a great way to stay warm on a budget. This paired with a warm drink and a bowl of soup creates the perfect cosy evening in.

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*Source: The Guardian
**Notice for tenants: if any alterations to your property are needed to make this change, please ensure you have permission from your landlord prior to doing any work.